Snowboard on wheels

I started snowboarding at the age of 18 (I am now 22, if you must know).
I had grown tired of skiing, which I had done since I was young.


Snowboarding gave me the ability to completely let go of all my worries, thoughts and fears, something I had not felt when skiing.
The fact of having your 2 feet attached onto a board and to ride down a steep mountain didn’t allow you to think about anything else that to make it down in one peace.
Every move became about the move and every moment was oh so more fulfilling and yet futile.
When riding your line in the snow you don’t think about your job, your breakup, your school, a quarrel with a friend or anything else that might bother your mind. There is just the mountain, the snow, the sun, the sky, your board and you.

ImageIt is, to me, complete freedom and allows me to really take a break and gather all my senses back together.
However, my snowboard days always came to an end after 1 week and
the absence of letting go and being at peace with yourself grew stronger.

A few days ago I bought a pennyboard and you know what, I don’t need to wait for snowy mountain tops anymore.
You see, pennyboarding is almost like snowboarding…on wheels.
It’s also similar to skateboarding but I don’t need to worry about pulling off cool tricks, I just ride down the streets and nothing else but the concrete road and me standing on my board matters.
It gives me the opportunity to once again rest my mind and soul, and be peaceful.

ImageLet me know in the comments if you have ever experienced the same thing with a sport?
Might it be snowboarding or anything else.

have a nice one


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